Leonora Mahle Portrait

Leonora Mahle, LLC is a full-service interior design studio located in Brooklyn, New York. A native of Brazil, Leonora brings a creative approach to each of her projects, combined with a cultural sensitivity gained from a life-long interest in history and travel. Every project is a dialogue with her clients focused on interpreting their needs from a fresh and uncomplicated perspective. Whether modern, traditional or transitional, Leonora continually strives to offer projects of distinctive character. Her emphasis on quality materials and dedication to craftsmanship is a guiding principle in all the work she undertakes. Leonora is a consummate professional, with experience managing large projects for top New York design firms. Her training on the construction management side of the business ensures that, along with great design, client projects are executed with attention to detail at high professional standards. She received her professional training at the New York School of Interior Design, and holds a B.A. in Italian Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from American University. Born and raised near São Paulo, Leonora’s heritage of Brazilian Modernism and indoor/outdoor living is a natural part of her design language. Her German-born father, a composer in her native country, nurtured an early study of music, which along with many childhood trips to Europe both influenced her creative perspective.